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Why Trust Endless Care Services in Tampa, Florida?
Endless Care is family-owned and operated by home care professionals and experienced caregivers.
We are fully insured and bonded. All our caregivers are fully trained and subject to a random drug test.
All our employees go through extensive mandatory criminal background checks.
Are we required to sign long term contracts for hourly Home Care Services in Tampa, Florida?
No. Endless Care has a 24-hour cancellation policy for hourly care clients.
What is the best choice for around-the-clock care?
Hourly caregivers on rotating shifts can get really costly for families seeking 24-hour care for their loved ones. We recommend a live-in caregiver at a daily flat rate instead.
We only need a caregiver for a few hours in the morning or in the evening to assist our loved one with getting dressed, having breakfast or dinner, taking Rx, and getting ready for the day or night. What are your minimum hours?
Our minimum hours for daily home care is 4 hours. However, depending on the location, caregiver availability and weekly hours needed, we may be able to do 3 hours but the rate will be a bit higher.
Who pays for the taxes for the employees and are they bonded?
All caregivers are 1099 and are fully covered and insured.
In what counties do you provide services?
Endless Care provides services to the entire Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee, Hardee, Highlands, along with surrounding areas.
Where can we get answers if we have additional questions?
Feel free to contact us 24/7 on 813-403-1851 or at If after hours, leave a message and we will contact you usually within 6 hours.
What process do caregivers go through before being hired?
Our caregivers go through multiple interviews, reference checks, and thorough background checks.
How much does home care services cost?
The cost of care depends entirely upon the type of services that are needed and the amount of hours required. Please contact us for a complete list of our services.
Are you able to provide home care services 25/7 per week?
Endless Care provides qualified caregivers all year round, holidays and weekends.
What are the first steps in getting care for a loved one?
Endless Care provides a free in-home assessment where the needs of your loved ones are discussed and recommendations for the best solutions are present. After the meeting, a caregiver who is the perfect match can be selected for your loved ones.
Do you have a Registered Nurse on staff?
Yes, Endless Care has a Registered Nurse on board.
Are there contracts or additional cost for Home Care Services?
No. Endless Care does not give contracts for Home Care Services between the clients and Endless Care. We provide an agreement between Endless Care and our clients of all costs for services rendered.Above are all the FAQs of Endless Care.
Who can receive Home Care?
Home Care is available to anyone and can assist with a wide range of home care needs. Our clients can be seniors, children, young adults, and individuals recovering from surgery or those with chronic illnesses. Most of you should consider home care for your loved one even when simple things in life seem hard to complete. Does your mom or dad looks thinner? If you feel that you or a loved one might benefit from home care, getting a free assessment is easy. A care manager will meet with you to determine if home care is right for you.
Will my family member always receive from the same caregiver?
It is our goal to establish a relationship with your loved one and our caregivers. However, if a loved one receives care for a few hours a day or different times throughout the day or week, it may be a little difficult to do so, but we will always try our best to schedule the same caregiver. We believe that our clients deserve the respect of knowing who will be going to give care.
What if I need to speak with someone in the office after business hours?
Endless Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will always reach a live person who will take care of your needs that might show up after hours or emergency. None of our clients will ever be left waiting for an answer to their needs.
I do not drive anymore, can I get someone to help get to my appointments, events, or daily activities that I would like to attend?
Majority of all our caregivers can assist you with transportation. They will take you either with your own vehicle or theirs (with a charge per mile when they used their own vehicle). Many clients most of the time starts with Transportation Services.
I am not sure what care I need, but I know I cannot be left alone or limited to daily activities.
No worries! Our Caregivers can provide Companionship. They will go on walks with you, play games, go to movies, restaurants or even reminiscing the past.
Are our caregivers insured or bonded?
All of our caregivers are insured and bonded. They also submit a comprehensive background check, which includes their experience, references, and a level 2 criminal background check before they are hired.
What do I do if I am unhappy with the care provided by your caregiver?
Although we are confident that you will be pleased with our services or our caregivers, you have the right to request another caregiver who can connect with you.
What is the difference between hourly and live-in?

An hourly assignment can be whatever is requested by you or your family member. It is from 1, 2, 3, 4, and 12 hours per day or night shift. Sometimes a client or their family may need someone with them all day or night for safety measures or assurance.

To provide Live-in care, there must be a place for the Aide to sleep and the client cannot be up too many times during the night. If the client does not sleep through the night and requires constant supervision, then it is considered to be a 24-hour shift, which is typically done with three 8 hour shifts.

Does Medicare or Health Insurances cover home care services?
Unfortunately, Medicare and most Health Insurances do not cover Non-Medical home care services. However, if your loved one was a Veteran or the Spouse of a Veteran, Veteran’s Affairs does have a program that may assist with home care services. Long Term Care Insurances and some Life Policies may pay for some or all care services that you will need. For more information or not sure what coverage you can have, call Endless Care and we can assist you in determining if you have coverage in assisting to pay for home care services.
How often do we get Billed?
Endless Care sets our billing on a weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly basis. No long term contract is required, but in some cases, we can be flexible to meet your needs.
I know I do not need to have services, how do I get started?
Call for a free consultation then we will schedule an initial home care consultation. In some cases you may need Services ASAP, we then create a temporary care plan so we can schedule a caregiver to start services before we go out to meet with the client or family.
Do you provide services in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or any other living facilities?
Yes! Endless Care can provide services to their clients anywhere! We can have our caregivers provide care to individuals anywhere.
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